How to Travel To Canada Without Any Fears!

How to Travel To Canada Without Any Fears!


How to Travel To Canada Without Any Fears!

Negative certificates have to be obtained before the specified time to travel according to the requirements of the health departments of all the countries through the Covid-19 identification system in the RTPCR machine. If someone needs to travel again within 72, 48 or 24 hours after going abroad, then the traveler has to undergo Covid test again. Which is mandatory.

After the negative certificate of covid test became mandatory before traveling again, covid test has also been made compulsory at the airports of other countries at the end of travel in some countries. If he wants to return to his homeland after one day, then there is a need for a negative certificate of Covid Test through RTPCR. Which is full of uncertainty.


One thing that has been seen in the third stage of corona for some time is that even though there are no symptoms of corona, the result of RTPCR test is coming positive. A positive result fills life with uncertainty. The Covid test is done after the final plan to travel somewhere. The plan includes completion of airline ticket confirmation, visa confirmation, hotel booking confirmation, official meeting confirmation, leave confirmation if employed, money exchange, etc. A word (positive) throws into various uncertainties. Traveler financially damaged.


Not only financial but also various uncertainties exist in the life of a person. Don’t be mentally broken and think of yourself as a patient. Being mentally isolated due to isolation or quarantine. Uncertainty prevails over the re-examination of the coveed test and the resumption of all decisions after a negative report has been received.


The same uncertainty surrounds the need to re-travel after 24 or 48 hours to test the covid again. In other countries, there is more uncertainty if the Covid test report is positive. The Maldives is an example. If a traveler tests positive for a covid test, he or she is immediately sent to an island quarantine as a covid patient for isolation. All costs of quarantine are borne by the traveler. Which may discourage any kind of travel in the future.


Uncertainty works among travelers as different types of reports come in the shortest time with similar tests. There is financial inconsistency. The same test determines different types of charges in different places, which really raises a lot of questions in getting the report of Covid test. If someone from private medical has done corona test, he has fixed Rs. 2,500, Rs. 3,000 or Rs. There is a charge of Rs. It is very important to eliminate inconsistencies in setting different charges for similar tests.


After 2016, the government set a specific charge for the detection of mosquito-borne dengue in various medical centers across the country. In the current context, direct government intervention in determining the fees for the Covid test has become very urgent. Bilateral agreements with different countries are also needed to schedule the Covid Test. The matter may be considered by the concerned authorities.

Maldives, a small island nation, has a population of about 4 million. But the population of Bangladesh is about 16 crores. About one and a half crore Bangladeshis are living or traveling in different countries of the world. As a result, thousands of crores of rupees are being spent on determining the Covid report. Which has become a matter of concern.

Unexpected costs and suffering will discourage travel to international destinations. As a result, the aviation and tourism sector is in danger of being severely damaged.

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