What Is Canada Travel Insurance? How To Do It

What Is Canada Travel Insurance? How To Do It


 What Is Canada Travel Insurance? How To Do It


Nepal has changed its travel rules after a new type of coronavirus, Omicron, spread. Five thousand dollars worth of travel insurance will be required to enter the country from December 15.

Many tourists interested in going to Nepal from Bangladesh have asked the question, what is travel insurance? How will it be? How much do you have to pay?

Travel insurance is a travel risk protection agreement

If a person buys a travel insurance policy, the insurance company will pay financial compensation for any loss he incurs while traveling.

Dhaka Post wanted to know about travel insurance from the country’s tour operators. They said that travel insurance will be provided by the travel agencies or tour operators from which the tourists will buy tickets for Nepal. If one personally buys a ticket from the website, he can go to any branch of Green Delta Insurance Company Limited and get travel insurance.

When asked, Green Delta Insurance Company said that they provide a minimum of 15 days travel insurance for passengers traveling from Bangladesh to Nepal and other Asian countries. This insurance covers up to one lakh 25 thousand US dollars.

How much does it cost to travel insurance?

Those who are between zero and 40 years old will have to pay a premium of Tk 1,853 for 15 days travel insurance. Passengers will have to pay Tk 2,513 if they are 41 to 50 years old, Tk 3,360 if they are 51 to 65 years old, 10,815 if they are 6 to 80 years old, 18,069 if they are 61 to 65 years old and 36,630 if they are 65 to 69 years old.

However, if the age of a passenger is more than one day of 69 years, then the company will not provide travel insurance. For travel insurance, you need to sign a copy of the passenger’s passport and a proposal form provided by the insurance company.

Nepal has made it mandatory for passengers to have Covid-19 insurance from December 15 . In a letter to Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Civil Aviation of Nepal said that if a passenger from Bangladesh wants to go to Nepal, he has to take Covid-19 insurance of five thousand dollars or the equivalent of Nepali Rupees. This insurance will cover the cost of 14 days quarantine for passengers coming to Nepal. Insurance is compulsory for passengers of all ages.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Himalaya Airlines are currently operating flights from Dhaka to Kathmandu, Nepal. The minimum return fare on this route is 22 thousand rupees, in case of Himalayas 16 thousand 400 rupees. Civil Aviation of Nepal has requested not to issue boarding pass to passengers at Dhaka Airport if there is no insurance.

Apart from travel insurance, the government of Nepal has not laid down any strict rules for travel in the country. In accordance with the rules of hygiene, tourists are allowed to go everywhere after wearing masks. However, 48 hours before entering the country, you have to take a negative certificate of corona test.

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