Get Canada Work And Study Visa Without Spending On Travel Agents

Get Canada Work And Study Visa Without Spending On Travel Agents

Get Canada work and study visa without spending on travel agents

To be clear, scholarships are offered by Canadian academic institutions, not free education. With the right approach, you may get completely or partly financed scholarships, which I utilized to finish both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. That’s one of my best-kept secrets, to be honest.

Cheapest Ways to Migrate to Canada

  1. Moving to a new country with the help of the Express Entry system

The Federal Express Entry Program is by far the most convenient and acceptable way to come to Canada from Nigeria. Using Express Entry indicates that you meet all of Canada’s immigration standards and have all of the necessary papers. When it comes to relocating to Canada, Express Entry is the best option for Nigerians and those from any other nationality. Some Nigerian immigrants are now pursuing a permanent residency in Canada through Express Entry as part of their overall resettlement plans. About 46,000 Nigerian people migrated in Europe by water as shown in a report cited by the New York Times. It’s important to have an excellent/no-fault way to go to Canada if you want to make the most of your relocation procedure, which means departing lawfully without getting deported.


  1. Send in your application and get your acceptance letter from a Canadian institution

Before you can begin the process of applying for a student visa to Canada, you must pick where you wish to study. A letter of acceptance from a Canadian institution will be necessary for the visa application once you’ve been accepted. For more information about studying in Canada, use the government’s study permit calculator. Apply for a student visa, also known as a study permit, as soon as you get an admission letter from your institution. If you are planning to travel to or within Canada, keep in mind that your study permit/visa is not a standard visa.


The process of acquiring a student visa:


  • Before you arrive in Canada, file for a Canadian study permit digitally at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
  • If you can’t or don’t have access to the internet, you may mail your visa application materials.
  • Proof of enrollment from an accredited educational institution is required.

In order to study in Canada, you must show that you have the financial means to do so (tuition fees and living expenses).


  • Present evidence that you are not a criminal.
  • Provide medical documents that show you are physically fit, and if necessary, complete medical exams.
  1. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

However, even though RNIP is the Canadian Movement’s most economical and easy-to-use immigration scheme for Nigerians, many people are unaware of its existence. One of the pilot’s first useful elements is the four-step process for applying for permanent residency. A low IELTS score of 5, no strict regulations, and indeed the potential to get your Canadian residence permit and be here in Canada within six to nine months make the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot the best community-driven option for those who intend to remain in their community after arriving in Canada..

For immigrants, the RNIP PROGRAM is a pilot program that links them to settlement services and mentorship opportunities with established members of the community. Because all work prospects are open to locals first, the program explains you exactly what to do from beginning to end to fast-track your permanent residency.


  1. Submitting a student direct application

Student Direct Stream, a new program in Canada, allows students from countries such as China, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam to expedite the process of applying for a study visa. To qualify, you must meet the same standards as for a normal study visa but also meet more stringent language criteria. You must have an IELTS score of at least 6, or a French proficiency test score of at least 7, or have completed high school in Canada. There is no quicker processing if you don’t fulfill the Student Direct Stream’s eligibility standards but you do meet those of a conventional study visa.

What if your Canada study permit is declined?

Your study permission to Canada may be denied. It’s very uncommon for Canadian study permits to be refused because of the strong demand. Applying correctly the first time might save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You’ll learn how to avoid these and other typical causes of rejection in this article. Insufficient monetary resources: It’s not always enough to meet the basic financial requirements. In order for your application to stand out, it must show that you have enough money to last for longer than one year. You must have a waterproof confirmation letter from a recognized Canadian DLI in order to participate. Applicants who don’t include their language test results and travel documentation in their application will be denied admission. You must show that you plan on returning to your native country at the conclusion of your studies since student licenses are only interim visas.



If you’re looking for a part-time employment to supplement your income while studying in Canada, individuals can now meet the criteria to work on or off-campus for up to 20 hours a week during the academic years of college and comprehensive during rest periods such as the cold season or summer holidays without the need for a work permit under the new regulations.

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